Grace Church is committed to being:


We are committed to the Scriptures as the sole and final authority for all matters of faith and living. We do not wish for this commitment to simply be a meaningless slogan, but a passionate hunger for all areas of our lives to be radically submitted to the Word of God.

Only Scripture

The Westminster Confession of Faith


As a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), Grace Community Church is a confessional church. We are committed to living out the rich theology, piety, and practice of the historic Christian faith recovered at the Protestant Reformation, and best summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith.


All of life is to be lived out in the light of God's grace. All we do and say as a church ought to be with the understanding that we are serious sinners with great weaknesses, but our Savior's grace is far greater. Because we have been forgiven, we will treat each other with grace and forgiveness. Because we have received pardon so freely, we offer ourselves to others freely.

Only Grace



Our belief in God's election and sovereignty should never be an excuse for being unfaithful to our Lord's command in the Great Commission. Rather than hindering missions, this grace focus has empowered our church for missions like nothing else could. We have been committed to both overseas and home missions. We have commissioned our own overseas missionaries and supported many others. We have been involved in planting other churches in our state. We will continue to sacrifice for those who risk so much to be faithful to the Lord's mandate. More than that, we have been committed to doing the work of missions ourselves as well, reaching out to our community with the Biblical Gospel of Grace.

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